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What We Do

Business network solutions

Our company dedicates efforts to provide quality and secured network solutions. Our main target are business organisations with medium and large networks. We can deliver broadband internet (peering and international), but we can do a lot more. We are focusing on custom decisions, depending on our customers problems and goals. For more information, please look at the info below, for detail information, please send email with information you need. Email must be from the organisation you represent with the name of the person responsible for this conversation. Anonymous emails will be discarded. IMPORTANT - always include valid phone number! There will be a phone call for verification and to schedule a meeting.

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Network Engineering Team
7 Montevideo blvd.
Sofia 1618
P:(02) 957-85-14

Network solutions

From domain registration and hosting, up to high-level solutions for business, we can provide services that suit your needs incl. voip, datacentre backup, fiber network connectivity, radio/satellite network etc. For each customer we provide custom decisions, based on your needs and current goals.

Hardware leasing

Comstroy is willing to help clients with hardware finance and lease to own. This means that we will provide the hardware configuration that you need for you to build/expand your business plan, in combination with a colocation service.We can provide servers and disk space for rent on reasonable price.


Comstroy network security appliances - UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls, deliver enterprise-class network security with stateful inspection firewall, VPN and IPS, identity-based controls and Layer 7 application visibility and controls. Our team ensures high levels of network security, network connectivity, continuous availability and secure remote access with controlled network access to road warriors, telecommuters, partners, customers. You will never experience malware, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, IP spoofing attacks, spam, intrusions and data leakage!